Supply & Demand

by Jus

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released June 18, 2011




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Jus New Haven, Connecticut

Connecticut's Finest

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Track Name: Feelings
yeah they said i couldn't do it boy, but im fit to prove em wrong,
passionate, that's what i pursue it for
these are feelings in their truest form, we weatherin' through the storm
if they doubtin', then dudes can move along

hope they bang this on your campuses, to where they pull they hammer quick
dappin' every hand that be a fan of this
you a pussy, punk - prolly couldn't stand to piss
please, i'm the wolf that you dudes ain't dancin' with
eat the fruits of my labor, fool, granny smith
yeah, the boy fit to send a message like i stamped my spit
j is jammin' and damnit, i'm such a handsome kid
famished, but i plan to gamble chips to get my fam equipped
know that justin got em jumpin' like "abandon ship!"
dready got the ghani piff, spread it's like it's cancerous
i'm demandin' my chance and i'm bout to handle biz
face is where i land a fist, when these snakes can't uplift
have her panties drip, swear they be the dampest, miss
ever since the chance to hit, somethin' that i can't resist
slept on, overcoming disadvantages
sparrin' with a champion? pa, understand the risk

i'm on my grizzy, a grizzly who need to hibernate
then i'ma return to my city and bring the livest tape
they say my jams is bananas, that mean it's kinda ape
every kid claimin' they king will always despise the ace
i'm a problem, you common dollars are pocket change
just a fraud speakin' to feds, sonny - you copper fake
hear you squawkin', we walkin' it's like "what's poppin j?"
got the boy seein' more red than a hymen break
i want a private lake, islands where the yacht will take
blessed by ganja's grace, always stay arrivin' late
i'ma rock a stage even when my guap is straight
good dick leave her strung out, and lobster face
thin as a rail, but hungry to eat your chump crew
scatter when i come through, snackin' like they junk food
demand respect, i ain't just another punk dude
take em back to class, no pass, i'm gettin son schooled

still waters run deep, but my blood stream
bubble to a tough peak, trouble when it flood creeks
this love speaks while the struggles that i tuck, creep
i ain't get enough sleep, violent when they cuff me
yeah, i think about life and it's luxuries
everybody does scream "pop's where the bucks be"
it'd be ill to fufill all my son's dreams
and to build such steeze, just to feel complete
my pastime, stack rhymes, with much ease
smile with these brushed teeth, style that'll snuff beats
i was vibin' as a child in a slumped seat
yeah, it's justin kyle to supply you with his tongue's speech
son, you couldn't walk a mile in my scuffed sneaks
wylin', this evironment is vile but i must breathe
sire, i sprung leaks inspired by clutched heat
connecticut sultan of swing, singin' my stuff's street
swear i glare in the mirror and see a different kid
eventually they hearin' it clearer, as i envisioned it
i wasn't given hints, grin, dippin' innocence
fit to get, intimate, with the thickest dominicans
others is limited, frontin' like they did a bid
once i get discovered, i'm buzzin' like i was sniffin' yip
was a brother just shruggin', and on that timid tip
now this is my drug and the substance, i'm sick to get a hit
it's time to flip the script, and conquer this cash
i long for the stash, wish that i could alter the past
if you a catholic, i'm mackin' on your daughter in mass
sure that i'd smash the second that i poured her a glass
ain't often i brag, bag sorority ass
fit to rock every tour, sure, forward and back
i'll corner your pad, order you had, saw you in half
body on the floor, all chalk, tossed in a bag, ya
Track Name: The Key
let it be, cause i need to rhyme
just breathe, and you'll see you'll find
an emcee of the deepest kind
with the key that'll free your mind

word to everything, i want it - yo
proper dough, live type iconic flow, unlimited chronic smoke
got your body rockin', gettin' props for all thesbe sonnets wrote
couple ladies jockin', labels knockin', i ain't signin' though - on my own
emcee's try 'n peep up at my liner notes
gritty sixteens, just fiendin' for my kind of dope,
i'ma ride the road, look up to the sky and hope
ma, your baby boy's time to blow, with this sly approach
and i thrive with those people that i poly with
others on they lean or prolly cheesin' from they molly hits
on my grind, and tryin' to olley whips, i'm reachin' and got a grip
seem to get it poppin' on some lolli shit
i'm with my rasta men, hail jah, selassie i
ill trips a killer acid high couldn't satisfy
this hip hop has become the chosen path of mine
way above your attic guy, praise be to adonai

clearly i'm white, duckin' stereotypes
i'm weary of heights, but stuck in this aerial flight
tearin' a cyph, prize searchin' cereal twice
still need a little luck, son carry the dice
it's like - a summer breeze, ton of trees, puff comfortably
my rhymes is grime, chris, i be tough to clean
jussy b sucker free, so buttery
everyone's company, like they love huckabee's
and i punish beats, chill in this seat
whip your head back and forth like willow with weeves
white widow-est weeds, like literally
type illest emcee, my syllable schemes
chicks know, rep the five digits in my zip code
do it for the 0-6-5-1-6 yo
tip toe, while her man sleep, get a strip show
sip, smoke in the van, deep with my kinfolk

at my shows, catch me sippin' coke and jameson
my brothers underage, and so i'm sneakin' joel and jason in
she lookin' blazin', know i'm fit to get a taste of it
ain't let me j it then, damn that's a waste of trim
ma, let me see you shake your limbs
heard i'm on a pace to win, f your mans, take you for a naked swim
i'm so cold, son, i chafe your skin
i ain't tryin' to wait again, if i'm locked out - then i'm breakin' in
gateway's a bitch, need a degree
what you write in year, i could leak in weak
freaks in the sheets, all the sudden see it's key
i'm just tryin' earn my stripes like zebras, g
yeah, what i supply make the worlds colide
i murder these turtle guys, once the boy rhyme, son, they sure to hide
they've heard that i have this to thirst inside
and climbin' the turpentine, plus merk the don all in perfect time
Track Name: We On Next (Feat. Jules Baxter)

we on next - cause i said so!
you got texts? let your friends know - yes, it's essential
we god blessed from the get go
we on deck at the next show, heads blown, let's go!

return of the squad - burnt nerds, searchin' for jobs
verses determined to nourish the crop
work and earnin' the guap, to furnish a spot
ain't concerned with the purp, stay current with god
me and jules got suburbia locked, i'm nervous a lot
hurry, cause they merkin' from a murderous plot
i'm burner-less, pa - a sure shot, stirrin' the pot
word to birth - they know we're dirty like we lurk in the swamp
know we hurt 'em like the kurds in iraq
got 'em chirpin' like some birds in a flock, west have be the permanent block
i'm swervin' and cocked, so during the stop
i just let my herbs drop to encourage the cops
haha, these terrible two jokers is class clowns
be rollin' grass wild to smoke it and pass round
sonny, know you frontin' for nothin' - you lack clout
and ain't it's really somethin', you bluffin' and cashed out
it's been a minute, my apologizes
got it goin' down, like apollo creed and where the koala's be
i'm too frail, guess i should of ate my collared greens
want a model queen, swallow sweets like it's halloween

for heaven's sake, need to catch a break, cause too many seconds waste
checkin' through my deck of tapes, seven angels seven plagues,
get the heck away, while i let my records play
strollin' through these wonder years, kevin a - every day

this team will let the scheme build, believers will be still
sippin' refills, t-h-c pills
but i really ain't a fan, boy, this man will expand noise
that's why i can't toy with my android

wow, the boy jus and b-a-x
if she say yes, we get her out her pj's next
tell ya cousin how we buzzin' where the bees may nest
i'ma bump it in my cheap tape deck, til' we make checks
Track Name: Live It Up
middle fingers to the critics, what
and kids that just didn't budge, now it's all love, son twist a dutch
yeah, tonight we gonna live it up
yeah, tonight we gonna live it up

let's get it baby, ladies sippin' cups
fellas with they piff to puff, lifted and we never hit the limit once
yeah, tonight we gonna live it up
yeah, tonight we gonna live it up

tonight, i'm sippin' and i'm smokin', yo, the package deal
could sacrifice the mass appeal, and i'd remain the captain still
weed devoted, easy going, cat who laugh and chills
i've been runnin' laps around these wacks, no track and field
i'm heard and gain an automatic "ill", magic how the static feels
happy that my habits just attract the thrill
higher than any of these addy pills, or the biggest ladder built
steady stackin' scrill tall as shaq and wilt
to my jack and jill's, keep rollin'
couple psychadelic hunnies, and they each dosin'
feel inspired in my city, as i breathe ocean
laura, step into the water, let your feet soak in
listen, i take a shot for every day that i would troop with chris
finally got the crew convinced, wylin', then you lose your lips
to hit the heart has been my true intent, records that you choose to spin
with the mood i'm in, we doin' stupid shit

cup of this cognac, and already smoked hash
dope session', no guessin' where her clothes at
i make slow cash, still pay the hoes tab
only cause we gon' smash through the whole pad
i ain't accostumed to the aura of the night life
but i know that i'ma reach the glory at the right price
yeah i got a list of shorties that i might pipe
they ignore my story, but adore me when the lights bright
typical groupies yo, fiendin' since viewed the show
give her good cock, wood's stocked - no snoopy though
why you look shocked? took shots, for the movie roll
when the hook drops, should knock in the studio
you can catch me at the j.l. cut
where we pay, sell, puff and blaze twelve up
i'm wasted in the haven, where we stay well buzzed
ask 'em who the ace is, and they yell jus, uhhhh...

i got your lady in her lingirie, humbled how she thought of j
love it how she comin' when i call her name
for every dream that i had stored away, be sure i'll hit the hall of fame
haven't caught a case since i was born and raised
time to get the ladies loose, goose - pour the grey
iadarola mix the jungle juice, too - all the grain
i embrace and can't ignore the hate
i'd rather blaze a quarter of haze, record a tape than slaving for a quarter raise
it's a wonder, buildin' castles in the sky
while i'm tellin' every bittie she's the apple of my eye
all these misconceptions that i'm shatterin' in time
if i'm twistin' somethin' up, sonny, that'll be the lime
i'm around, but where the coffins be
competition nautiously await evacuation, carl crawford speed
swear i'm hotter than the fourth degree, the puzzle's most important piece
got em beggin "tell another story, please!"
Track Name: Sober Day (Feat. Mic Galper)

just imagine, no bakin out the attic with the haze and hash shit
no j's we passin', or dames to blaze a bag with
no place to ash in, and no eighths of crack piff
if i never tasted that, would i be cakin' cash quick?
no throwin' fives, or coastin' on bogus rides
if i hadn't toked the lah, my skies would be open wide
was roastin' on this potent, then blowin' the coke in time
no smokin' dimes with smokin' dimes - notice sober pride
fathom that i graduated dare, and i had to make it clear
no brownies takin', faces with that asian glare
zero weight to scale, never blow the dankest here
instead of grabbin' o's, i sat and home, paced, drank a beer
no verizon cell, no arrivin' clientele,
guys just ain't supplyin' still, cause there ain't that fire to sell
crispy eyes, really sized on the title belt
might as well try and help, here's the high that michael felt

no questionin' ben stein, to wetten' my red eyes
none of the best lime, or puffin' at rest time
i wonder, would a lack of marijuana lead to less crime?
cheefin' on this cheeba for relievin' all my stressed vibes
i used to use the cess for neck, and to undress thighs
it seem like heavy headies made the sex live
connecticut to bedstuy, i'm only just as honest as the next guy
i guess i make the bed in which my head lies
Track Name: Up And At 'Em
are you afraid of the dark? the shit that i tell scary
kids get well buried, quicker than ellsbury
sip liquor, with piff you can smell clearly
bitches who melt near me, a clique that i held dearly
cheeks slow smile while the weed's blown out
can't cage or tame j, leak bros style
wow, i get my hustle on, pete rose, pal
shootin free throws now, how i speak so foul
twist herb, be the remedy - got nerds for some enemies
girls like birds tweetin "ven aqui"
wanna learn them curves, can i get a peak?
purple and ketamine, her in them linen sheets
pure pedigree? follow the mutt
i'm a skinny guinea, one bottle enough
flow wild, yo kyle - yeah hollow the dutch
shorty usually spit, but she swallowin' jus

let's get these dutches crackin', word bond, sonny puff and pass em
yo, this stuff's relaxin, 5-0 duck and dash em
they know i'm up and at em, they know i'm up and at em
they know i'm up and at em, they know i'm up and at em

shucks - stumblin' drunk, just mumblin' junk
runnin' amok, covered in mud, a son of a gun
ma, let ya t's shake, buns thump in the front
hun gimme mean face, know i'm lovin the tongue
uhhh, i dig deep, dag - on my crab shit
be glad if ya stacked hips could crash at my pad, miss
fact is, ass on the chicks i smash - thick!
sad that these rap hits be havin' my dad pissed
schemin' like bernie m., on each of your flirty friends
jon papelbon, pa, me and my dirty pen
she feelin' nervous while serviced, we'll close the curtains then
boy got her box so soaked, it's like i'm surfin' in
fresh hoes shed clothes like serpant skin
a lot of fish in the sea, know i'm sure to swim
you kids, just stupid as fuck
i'm too sick, bitch, losin' my lunch - the boy jus

let's get these dutches crackin', word bond, sonny puff and pass em
yo, this stuff's relaxin, 5-0 duck and dash em
they know i'm up and at em, they know i'm up and at em
they know i'm up and at em, they know i'm up and at em

rockin' moccasins, while i'm sippin' wa with lem
chicks was never jockin him, now they gotta stop and grin
not for profit and cocked off these vodka tonics
i'm jottin' and watchin mob flicks, slimmer body than my pockets
let's get it in, giddy up, yeah she ride ill
passin' the blunt, after she cum, we vibe still
high as my mind feel, why deny the rhyme skill?
find them stompin clocks, tryin' to get my time killed
your lyrics corny and boring so i ignore it dude
sure, peace to korie yu and my gorgeous shorty too
i'm with a naughty crew and all of my stories true
somethin' like a walkin' mute, talkin' like your jaw was glued
they know j grind and won't take fives
even with dope base lines your flow ain't live
when y'all doubted, i defied great odds, hey guys
promise i hate cops, more than a rod and my day job

he a problem, how they gon' solve him?
Track Name: All My Troubles
big spoke how the game's sour
a great struggle to gain power, every night i dream that it became ours
see my city from the top as i face downward
now my hopes fall quicker than a rain shower
it's like a colorless sky, no paint, grey flowers
i'm a man, far gone from these same cowards
maintain, take aim where the haze clouds were
how long can i wait, weeks, days, hours?
and provide for my better half
text ben, in fact - think he got a ten to match
i shop my demo, but these labels tend to send it back
too lyrical and spiritual? i guess it's wack?
yeah, but nevermind they mentality
i could use some cali weed, really been a wild week
hope you're proud to see, how i let the talent speak
even though i've grown, know this music be the child in me

roll a dub of this haze, and now i'ma blow all my troubles away - got a couple of j's,
dead set on puffin today, it's love once i'm up in the have, maybe one to the face...
yeah, roll a dub of this haze, i'ma blow all my troubles away - got a couple of j's,
dead set on puffin today, it's love once i'm up in the have, maybe one to the face...

i'm switchin lanes on captain thomas boulevard
like i'm searchin' for a flame but it wouldn't spark
god, my foolish heart cracked, chock-full of scars
try to most the most of my shot, pa, pull a card
cop an eighth, stop and contemplate
what life's like for the one that got away
spot her picture in the frame, though not in vein
thought it was an awkward phase, but there's still a lot of pain
yeah, and lately it's been such a mess
cause i got my mother stressed, tell her take a couple breaths
still be a role model for my brother jess
someone that i love to death, live, if nothing less
and i wish to make an impact
always have my friends back, the difference is just that
feels great how my tape makin' kids brag
need to come to grips with the chance that has slipped past
Track Name: The Last Straw
have you heard? i'm tryin to be rap star
if you think my tracks hard, you can give me daps, pa
underdogs don't care what the stats are
i'm takin it that far, cause this is the last straw

yo i'm buggin, think this heady laced? every day, livin steady paced
dream of vacation taking like chevy chase
hit a hundred bad bitches before my wedding date
skinny guinea, ay, aim for the heavy weight
i wish for plenty plays, sick of gettin' penny pay
piff and minute maid, twist and blaze, been of age
fit to grip the cake, if it's with the bigger face
rippin' house parties like kid n' play in different states
i'm simply chipper, mate, grinnin' from this batch of herb
sonny this the same exact swag that i had at birth
los's lavender really have me act absurd
you could have her back playboy, but i bagged her first
i may never even reach a mil, but i'll climb the steepest hill
and always speak it real to be who people feel
i'm the kid they didn't give a chance
now i'm got em fit to dance, have your girlfriend straight skippin' plans

ay yo, quit it with this bro hop shit, your flow not sick
i'm spittin' thoroughly, even for low pro-fit
wanna go knock kids with cold cocked fists
all these blogs who ain't respondin, ya'll blow my dick
i just, won't stop this - it's no op-tion
got a, dope spot clique i smoke pot with
get props from the old gob-lins, and whole block, bitch
know that these lo-ca chicks i bone - top list
armed with the hardest bars, still escape free
haters who claimed beef, are beggin' to make peace
this dude droolin, pursuin' a day dream
cousin, i can't sleep til dozens of states reached
i'm malnourished, and searchin' the same tree
i heard that the papes be, determined for great cream
the babes beach, waist deep down at lake street
shorty rock a sourpuss, ohhh but she taste sweet
Track Name: Eighteen
damn i can't believe she eighteen
when she walked in, yo, the whole place seen
baby why you wanna let your love escape me
shorty you a dime, somethin' like a day dream

i hate crushin', i rarely ever do that shit
it ain't nothin', i only fuck with you that's it
j bluffin', your friends like "who's that kid"
why you tryin' end the race when we two laps in?
it's real, i'm makin hits, stay floodin the streets
take a sip while i trip on your stunning physique
she lovin' it deep, such a ton of fun in the sheets
i'm up in the crease, good pipe buckle her knees
please, i got her sinnin', so she run to the priest
now she feelin' like a million bucks, such a relief
after sex, have a sesh, chill, chuckle and chief
baddest yet that i blessed, can't fuck her and leave
nah, i spent the whole night kissin' her soft
her man bein' so trife, try kickin' the door
she wanna live her own life, and she givin' a tour
swear i never met a chick have me singin' before, like...

she a youngin' but she skilled though
plus she dig the ill flow, since we ain't we spoke but we still close
am i a lil' old, who she like to feel slow?
type of girl blood spill for, i'd kill for...
chick i'd never put my hands on, only in romance form
can't start tryin' to win her damn heart
listen, that isn't what my plans are - plus, you got man, ma
if we ran off, leave your fam scarred
and i don't wanna see our camps spar
oceans that i swam far, got me more amped than the can, y'all
truly, cutie what will our chance solve
cause your hands all in my pants, off, wylin' while the van's parked
possibly poly in the future, but
this coli got me super stuck, your body is a ride that i be soupin' up
yeah, it's grimey how these rumors can't elude the buzz
let em all assume because it's true that you was choosin jus
Track Name: On The Shelf
sit on the shelf, and collect dust
wonder when i'm next up, just my friends love and respect jus
back in school, got my check plus
now i roll the best skunk, til my chest numb and my head's buzzed
never press luck, pedal my tape
in this composition pad's where i pencil my fate
visit the innocent, and let them escape
still the question remains, on settin' the stage and catchin' a break
i'm so high, yo i settle in space
ain't ashamed, son, i rep for my state, catch rest in the have
forgive mental mistakes, swig kettle and chase
kids who kept me in play, now sensin' a change
i switch it up, see bread on my plate
jump the lane of these envious snakes, we ain't ever relate
this the path where the treasure is layed, my level never was traced
let's give a toast, and my fellas will raise, like

it's funny how i went from sittin' on the shelf
to the kid you gotta listen to when twistin' up an l
i was posted in the corner, sorta sippin' by myself
now i'm tryin' hit it big with these chips that i was dealt
but, i'm often told that this a shot in the dark
and my girl stressed, yeah she take my problems to heart
i love her, but i never should have got her involved
cause i ain't fit to ever finish, but i rhymed at the start

i wonder, can you hear my hunger in your earphones?
it's as clear as thunder, feelin' summer as i steer home
the one they here for, humbled who my peers chose
they say it really takes a man to make his fears known
yeah, i'm desolate, desperate, sippin' beers slow
livin' with regrets every step but i'm gettin' cheers though
the real me, only bare bones, sure that i appear stoned
every care shown while i heir thrones
i ain't been sleepin' well in twenty eleven
hear the body shuts off, i've become the exception
it's rough with the pressure, son, i tend to suffer depression
i'm tuckin' the weapon, and paranoia under the dresser
it's real, my girl's gonna find a better person
in time, realize that i was less than worth it
she'll be seein' how the second that she left was perfect
she's a blessing, and it burns that i ain't best deserving, still
Track Name: My Own Thing
i trip on lsd and listen to the tired & true
wifey's jealousy has got me super high in my room
i ain't even fit to kick it with the slime or my crew
twist, cough, get lost's all i'm tryin' to do
these insicurities subside, when i slide in the booth
that's why i rhyme, i need to vibe when this fire consumes
got my start in the cellar, then climbed to the roof
god is heavenly divine, man i am the proof
yeah, begin hallucinating while i'm roamin' west shore
i'm on a stupid pace, but hope to put my best forth
i got the clue today to focus on the quest more
the stars illuminate the road so i'ma step forward
i drop another dose, wylin' so my mother knows
besides my shadow, son i travel with a ton of smoke
past the gravel, now i paddle - feel the undertow
when it all unravels, take a couple tokes, somethin' dope...

sometimes, i don't wanna hear the phone ring
get in my zone, think - time to let my soul sing
i just gotta do my own thing
i just gotta do my own thing

can't be bothered with the drama that my home bring
or my old flings, live life - no strings
i just gotta do my own thing
i just gotta do my own thing

look how skinny justin is, taken by a gust of wind
arrived in '89, and i strived to be a hustler since
bag the bitches on my bucket list, crew to cause a ruckus with
twistin' somethin thick, and spliff and bunch of piff
ohhh she fine, let her touch the kid, dimes that i be rushin' in
blacked out, "what a night it must have been"
know i'm fuckin' while your crushin' and cuddlin'
ain't it somethin' i was jumpin' in puddles, runnin' for cover then
search the stars for a glimmer of hope
some sip and they smoke, others sniffin' they coke
i've seen my youngest brother grow from the tips of his toes
yo, now i'm swimmin' with the chicks that i stroke, picture it though
lookin' back, guess i really ain't myself today
twistin' the vanilla j, i sit alone and elevate
so stoned, sorry if i'm slow to celebrate
roach in the cellophane, coastin' the hell away
Track Name: Seconds
i sorta feel like i've been left in the dirt
all these kids blowin up, while i've yet to emerge
i love connecticut, and bet that i was reppin' at birth
still remember all the verses that i read in the church - it's hurts
how a summer breeze can sweep and take your breath away
all these distant memories now seem like it was yesterday
meet the girl of your dreams, but never get a date
now we're left with the regrets as the seconds fade

i hope this letter finds you well, only time will tell
i wonder if you're happy for me now that i've excelled
if you hearin' this, i really need a sign for real
pay attention for me, there's a story that this rhyme will spell
a lot of fathers locked, or probably sippin'
they poverty stricken, dollars on the lottery wishin'
they'd possibly hit it, ain't accomplish knowledge or wisdom
hot on the block with a biscuit cause they follow tradition
listen - i knew this man, married his beautiful bride
both was boomin' with pride, she was due with a child
he was dealin with some issues, wished to move it aside
always sick and knew his itchin' wasn't due to no hives
dude was brewin' inside, near losin' his mind
foolish, mixin' prescriptions, sniffin' blues on the job
i ain't stupid, man i knew that things was fuelin' the fire,
saw the pills progress to dope that he would shoot to get high
it's wild, and now he's just a bummy junkie on a crummy street
i can tell he's hungry from the grumblin' that his stomach speak
yeah, he's crushin all his mother's dreams, it's sucks because her love is free
all her son will be is another fiend
left his spouse in grief, a daughter's starvin mouth to feed
this heroin is terror kid, he chose to build a house of leaves
amongst crowd of thieves, trials make you bow to knees
thankful god above is lookin' out for me

when i met amy, i was maybe only seventeen
this specimen was heaven's queen, the sexiest i've ever seen
but she more than just some legs i stressed to get between
cause she was intellectual, and special - well, i guess it seemed
we hit if off, started chillin' on the regular
first was just a friend to her, all the world's respect for her
i would sure that all these herbs could never step to her
if dudes was gettin' mouthy, pull a ralphie - bust the tech for her
she was there to ride, when she put her hand in mine
ain't a better feelin' on this earth that a man can find
shorty had me strung out, yeah i can't deny
but it hit the fan in time, i swear i couldn't stand the lies
people seen that she was creepin' with a couple cats
i told her that it was a rap, you'll never get your lover back
the dude she sleepin' with ain't even wear a rubber strapped
now she's just another single mother, ain't it somethin' sad?
after all the "how and when's", i see her now and then
her smile once so sweet, but it's soured since
kept a fortress round my heart, can't allow her in
sniffin' coke with different jokers how her hours spent
it still stings, but i'm learnin' to cope
with every turn of a stone, and my burden's at home
i sense a fresh start, as i further the road
still hangin' by a thread after burnin' the rope, you know...
Track Name: Ain't It Something (Feat. Pete Crack)

i sip the poland spring, chill, feel the high that this potent bring
now they prolly noticing how i got they hoes to sing
i'm 21 but who they hold the king, smilin' while they know it stings
that's why i'm on some chronic and my clothes will stink
respect for those, instead of snitchin', yo - they chose the bing
you can take my picture as the victor at the closing ding
you know my style ma, it's so distinct
and peter, he control the rink - we flood and bubble over like a soda drink
i spray my polo, ink spillin' in the five star
smitten when my time start, bitch you hearin' my heart
her spines ours, find jars then my lime's sparked
prophetic john paul, what you think we rhyme for?
i'm not a "sexy dude", especially freshly brewed
but i'm feelin' like the man, y'all - a dos equis mood
justin was sufferin' something, yeah them heavy blues
shit that they already knew, now i'm bout my pennies and my cheddy true
bag a bunch of bitches bout as bad as betty boop
this birdie fetch the news, that's how i'm gettin' every scoop
why you spit on what the semi do? son, you're only semi-cool
fit to win a grammy and an emmy too
shorty lemme through, this poetry's pivital
know that we always deliver and we flow like a river do
i'm on mr holland's opus, hun we'll go until my dick is bruised
isn't what you pick and choose, just another critic's view

ain't it somethin, how it ain't nothin...
Track Name: Let's Get It
i feel people just sleepin to snooze, i'm eager to prove
ya wife twat tight plus she keepin it smooth
i sneak in her room, creep when he leavin for school
beat cheeks, she petite wear the sweetest perfume
see, scheme with the crew, weed and some brew
funny how, dummy clowns need a feature or two
these words leak with my very first peak of the moon
a sure freak, but i heard she be with my dude
true, i'd love to sip alize, choose chicks from a wild array
let cali blaze in the alley way
i got your gal to say "you have a lot of of talent j"
she could smell my pile of haze burnin' from a mile away
i can lend the pipe if you tryin' to spend the night
shorty don't pretend it's like something more than friends, alright?
3 in the morn, in awe, sexual healin' raw
hun, you know the deal and all - whatchu catchin' feelings for?
i'm stoked, bro to hold dro to blow abundant,
like cass clay in his past days, roll with punches
fa sho he's buzzin, yo you know it's justin
who's focussin' on strokin hoes and hopes for dough consumption
spoke on broken dutches which i wish to toke the skunk in
underground, fam still fit to float above it
i got her open, it'd be dope if she would show me somethin',
shorty smokin' though i'm told she give the coldest lovin'
you aint never gripped a rachet, son - you got a lack of funds
the only cash that your maggot ass stacks is ones
and your sister has back, so i grabbed her buns
damn, kid her fingers gon' scratch when i'm smashin' hun
pa, pack the clubs - let your clique gas you up
love to the homie los, yo, what's crackin' cuz?
i fiend the fattest dubs seekin through the bag of buds
sonny squeezin gats with slugs - please he imagine stuff
the boy got full bars, can you hear me now?
cause i should be clear about how i put the fear in mouths,
miss nibble on my ear then she veerin south
beat it up, tear her blouse, lounge at her parents house
i want ya camera's out, to circle this sphere around
and i carry lyrics pal, heat that'll sear your brow
weed got me so geeked, i appear in clouds
spittin' for my mans in the street or a cheering crowd
this for jitty wat, crib up on my city block
itchy, flippin middies for diddly squat it's shitty pot
jus the skinny wop, hits that this guniea drop
pretty minnies' titties popped, slick when she gimme top
pity kickin' rocks, i'm tipsy from sippin' scotch
yo, i got ya misses hot fit to get up in her slot
sick of these gimmick flops - im in it to win the props
y'all nerds killin hip-hop, i can't sit and watch
care less about your fan base, or tapes that this man makes
i'm patiently waitin' on my damn break
honey bunch, name your price or the right amount
love, i'm just tryin to slide in like it's icy out
Track Name: Brains
thank the heaven's above, how she blessed her ya mug
yeah her pussy game good, but the head is a must
taste excellent plus, i'm tempted to touch
now she moanin' cause she know it's nothin better than jus
shorty suckin' like it's no tomorrow, swear to god, yo it's so bizarre
pipes backed up, bout to blow it far
i ain't mean to hit your shoulder, ma - throw ya bra
your body a wonderland i'm bout to go explore
even though she got a man, still sharin' love
when i tear it up, i should prolly wear a glove
five-one, thighs dumb, hun, fair enough
i'll thank your parents, for marriage, uh and bearin' ya
tantalized by the smell of your skin,
i fantasize, very sly, no tellin your friends
late night, take pipe, hit l's in the crib
stay tight, ain't right - how she fell for the kid - sing!

even though we know a lot has changed, i'm still spittin' proper game
i'm sure you still give the bombest brains

girl, you give the very best head - no... doubt
girl, you give the very best head - say... word

i got a bucket list stuffed with chicks that i could be fuckin' with
secrets is such a bitch, keep it and hush ya lips
ma, you know i'm fit to knock ya boots, prolly hit the spot for you
gotta rock a condom too, copped a few
she in the batter's box, ohhh but you leadin' off
i be havin' least a dream a week that i beat it raw
before my mixtapes, she ain't never see the boy
now i hit the scene to ball, so i got her fiendin y'all
the boy buzzin', so i'm all about my honey dip
and enjoy somethin', trim tummy, hips - dummy thick
may not look like much, but know i'm come equipped
she be like "i'm cumming, i'm cumming, justin, i'm cumming - shit!!!"
stop frontin', cause your man a dweeb
and he's - not justin, you should plan to leave
damn... my fantasy, i can't believe
you a groupie, but truth-fully a fan indeed
Track Name: Play That (Feat. A Mo & Joey A.X)

i'm the man you need to focus on
i'ma quote the dopest songs and slowly blow this ganj while i stroke ya moms
listen, i'm local and layin' low while my locusts swarm
i love my city, but really i'm fit to flow on tour
i'm embracin the hatred, baby - with open arms
while you sleep i bring the heat admist the coldest storm
fat grams, afghan - all i smoke is bomb
so it's like we go to war, soldiers with the choke and cough
hold an o of this potent, i'm haven't sold it all
it's like i'm in the ocean, afloat and then goin' overboard
moanin' things these girls swear they never spoke before
know she wish she rode it more - swish it round like scope, for sure
c'mon sonny, it's jus, blunted with skunk
why you frontin' like your money is up? buddy, enough!
yeah, all you little dummies is punks, hummin' my stuff
ain't it funny, how the boy was right under your thumb
uhhh, the team waitin on eventual break
end of the day, i'm stayin' with the men it'll take
if you lookin' type crooked, know we settin' you straight
i'm seconds away, express hate, deck in the face
pounds and homage to the founding fathers
and a - round of shots but not for doubting thomas
i swear i love it when the pressure strong,
you kids is forever soft, similiar to sex, jus better raw
Track Name: Remember When?
remember when we was the best of friends?
treasured every second spent, both wished it would never end
and i know that you was heaven sent, maybe i was hesitant
still hope you remember when...

still in love with you, hate to admit it, but ughhh, fuck - it's true
couldn't be strong, i shoulda been on to somethin' new
i know you're datin another dude, and comfortable
guess i'm just the one confused, and i don't know what to do
stay sayin' i'm the foolish kind
but i'm feelin' blue tonight, low type like a scuba dive
i read the notes that you used to right,
can't find a clue in sight, lose your heart? then i lose the fight
always silent when we cross paths, i die when you walk past
i want the girl that i lost back
i can really care less on the cost, as
makin' you mine ain't gonna be a small task
swear to god, i'd scream your name from the tree tops
like i'm holdin' weed, guap, rollin' and we see cops
so it seems shorty skippin' out like beach rocks
and all i have is defeat, forget me not

i get it's pathetic, how i be on the saddest shit
cause i'm not the kid you speak about in all your statuses
yeah, i know you'll prolly peep this track and laugh at it
wild, i'm imaginin' all your clique cackalin
but i was passionate, cherished the flame
i'ma smile in your face, cause i'm bearin' the pain
my skin cringe if i'm hearin your name, ain't clearin the way
j appear in the have, shed tears in the rain, babe
your body bangin', you determined with style
day dream on turnin' you out, your curves on the couch
give a damn what other girls is about, i've heard it, and now
i'm sick cause you the chick i pictured birthin' my child
it's foul - how can i tell you any other way?
these have been the toughest days, jus' embrace where your love is safe
my heart never beat at such a pace, but i need to cut the chase
your man already won the race